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To be a Tripdick or not to be a Tripdick? Now thats a question!-Ryan- 
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TripDick Case 35

TripDick announces...
"Jacy Himself - O What a night?"

    Lo and behold, I have voted myself Tripdick after finding this lost picture taken during a barcrawl in NYC. Im not sure what did happen that night, but what it boils down to is: $200.0+ (American Dollars) spent in random bars. (Especially since Sin Sin charges 6.00/Amstel light) 1 Huge headache the next day, and yes a Tampon on my head, while smoking a tampon cigar. I think I have well learned the dangers of drinking heavily and making the mistake of getting in the middle of an all girl table in the middle of NYC.


Final Thought:
Never under-estimate the power of a table full of drinking women, and a camera. I fell victim to this and as you can see. NOT PRETTY

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