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in the worst of times come the best of blessings-Stephanie Hill- 
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TripDick Case 34

TripDick announces...
"Brian M- Got Beer, he sure does..."

    This is Titled Got Beer, He sure does A lone soldier, born of father Jebdia, Brian was born again as all that is Tripdick, He seemed to have gained this unusual honor while at a party at Mike J's House. Brian was hoping to pee beer, and I happened to catch him in the act. Hence why this is titled 'Got Beer, He sure does...' It seems Brian has tried to walk the halls of Tripdick Fame before, but only now has he been honored this highly esteemed award. All hail Brian... Now stop being a dick... uh Tripdick that is... he he


Final Thought:
Kid's dont try this at home. Not until your 21, While it may look cool to pee beer now... ITS MUCH COOLER WHEN YOU CAN DRINK IT!!!(Even if it is your own!!!)

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