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When people keep telling you that you canít do a thing, you kind of like to try it.-Margaret Chase Smith- 
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TripDick Case 33

TripDick announces...
"Jim Z - Got Coke?"

    This is Jim Z ... Again!!! This again is Titled Got Milk... He became TripDick this time while in New York on a bar crawl. After we were pretty ready to leave and go back to the train, we all stopped at burger king to get something to eat, or spill? and anyways... Jim got himself a super-chug sized mother of a coke and decided that it would look better on his shirt than in his belly. Low and behold... TripDick!


Final Thought:
Big Coke = Big Stain on shirt! Thats supposed to be a Super Chug, not Super Stain

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