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All Great Minds think...Well, Just Like Me 8-)-unknown- 
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TripDick Case 31

TripDick announces...
"Pete - A tale of 2 Stiches!"

    Pete here became TripDick due to a sort of Double Jeopardy law, Here fortunately you can be tried for TripDickage... Pete, if you look closely you can see two scars on his forearm. These were obtained while tripping and falling on a glass bottle, the glass shards penetrating his forearms. The shards were able to easily get through the skin and Ill tell you why. Normally, with something as awful as this, we would not ridicule such an act, but what you don't know is that this is the SECOND time he's done it! Hence TripDick. All hail Pete for making Tripdick history. The first time I had to drive him to the hospital and my floor of my car was absolutely drenched in blood, think that sucks? Try cleaning it, I had to rent a steam cleaner for 25 bucks, I think he owes me don't you? Anyways I think the best part of the story is when Pete's parents (German descent), got to the hospital and said "Oh Petey, not again) Pete even had the same bed in the hospital.


Final Thought:
Three times here is not a charm, but rather a free trip to the ER.

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