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TripDick Case 39

TripDick announces...
"JimVerine (That's a Wolverine like Jim Z)"

    It was a nice night, not too cold, not too warm, but just right.
People were merry and dancing about, most enjoying drinks, but some were without.

The music was loud, the dice rolling dots, no one knew that Jim plans and he plots.
Jacy was calm just minding his own, when his status of prey was soon to be known.

As he climbed up the stairs, many desserts are in sight, he grabbed some chocolate pretzel treats.
He thought 'O what a delight'.

His plans to share treats had his mind dancing a groove.
Little did he know, soon Jim would make his move.

As he passed out the treats, one, two three and four,
little did he know the last would put him to the floor.

A flick of his wrist made the pretzel fly high,
with intentions the catch it, like the boy in the rye.

He could nearly taste the treat, so sweet and thin,
then bang-boom-pow-wow, he took a nail to the chin.

He thought holy shit, I just poked my damn eye out,
but could see very well tht Jim had his claws out.

He had to think fast, he had to think quick,
as he dodged and he swayed to avoid getting shaved like a shick.

He ran up the stairs to find a little shelter,
a bandaid, some pills and maybe some seltzer.

The above is a true story. A lot of blood was spilled as a result. It didn't stop there though.


Final Thought:
There was a another slasher on the loose that hit Jared. he nearly escaped as well. If you have any information regarding the incidents you just read about, Please call the local authorities.

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