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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "Jared's attempt at double peacing"

    Well Double Peacing was discovered by the Zdru family on Christmas eve 2001. A Double Peacing occurs when an individual shakes your hand and offers a "Peace be with you", then immediately turns around and attacks you with a second "Peace be with you". This to me is an insult! Jared has been seen trying to double peace people deliberately. Example. Christmas Night 2001, the family is gathered in the living room at my grandmothers house when Jared went to shake my hand gesturing a "Hello, or What's going on" sort of essence to it, meanwhile what I didn't know was that Jared had much more in store for me. The sonofabitch slipped in a "Peace be with you" Needless to say this was totally out of context, He clearly caught me off-guard. I almost fell victim to a "Double Peacing". Luckily I had my guard up. All I have to say for now is "Jared, Peace be with you!". Ps. Jeremy was Double Peaced but is stable and recovering well.


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