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A women can screw a guy one time and be known as a slut when a man can smash 100 women and be known as a pimp-Stephanie Hill- 
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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "How to Orgasm, or How not to anyways..."

    Once upon a ski trip, There was a brave man named Jacy. He decided to go along with his friends on a ski trip. After a long day skiing, we were all tired but made the crucial mistake of taking that last run down the mountain. I knew it was a bad move but went anyways. So as we were going down the trail one after another... 3 in a row... I think it was Todd or Jim T, but either way 1 person went off a jump, crashed.... Phil right behind goes off the jump, crashes... And because I was so close I too went off of the jump but didn't notice until I was already in the air. In trying to avoid hitting Phil and other person, I zigged, when I should have zagged, and ended up sliding about 50 feet on my ass hitting the back of my head several times knocking me unconscious. Once I stopped sliding the rest of my friends gathered around and watched me go into convulsions (Which they thought was me kidding around), so when the ski patrol came along to help, I believe it was Jeremy who thanked them for their help but let them know I was only “Orgasming.” Soon they realized it was the real deal and the ski patrol took me away in a meat wagon. I was a human sausage for the rest of the ride down the hill. Kind of cool going down the mountain now that I look back at it. Anyways, they examined me at the base lodge and to be a jackass, I asked if my hair was still ok, during the examine when she asked if I felt ok. Bottom Line, Dont orgasm on the mountain, there's plenty of time for that at the base lodge or in the comfort of your own home.


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