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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "Theres Always Room for Pizza"

    This a sad story about 2 young men namely Jacy and Pete, who were living an adventurous lifestyle and looking to go snowboarding one fine night. It all started as an unmatched adrenaline rush fulfilled by the sport of snowboarding... Pete and Jacy were snowboarding quite a bit at the time, but ski'ed mostly connecticut mountains...( If you can call them that). So one night we decided to pack ship and get our donkeys up to Vermont!!!, were we heard was excellent skiing. So we loaded up our snowboards and made way for Okemo. After a long few hours of driving, we finally got near thee mountain and needed to stop for gas. While stopped we noticed some fellow snowboarders coming back from the mountain. We asked how it was and if they could tell us how to get there. They told us it was only down the road but that it had just closed. Needless to say, Pete and My self were pretty pissed. We have been so used to nightskiing in connecticut that we assumed that it was everywhere, pretty dumb I guess... So rather than waste an entire trip. We stopped to get some pizza, and let me tell you, It was the best damn pizza I ever had.(Not really, but I still need to fill that void):-) -Jacy-


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