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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "A Tripdick Saga... Jims Tale"

    My Account of "The Incident" - Jim Zdru If was a cold and snowy Sunday morning at the slopes of Killington Mountain in VT. After a very hard night of drinking at the Wobbly Barn, everybody (20 of us) was up and getting ready to ski. Everybody, but me, Mylissa and Tracey that is. Mylissa and Tracey were staying at the cabin to prepare a huge turkey dinner for everyone's return. I decided to stay at the cabin because I wanted to learn to snowboard that week and thought it better to wait for Monday when the slopes where less crowded. This decision, needless to say, lead to an unbelievable and death defying event. It was now mid-afternoon and the ladies were outdoing themselves with the feast they were preparing, but there was a problem.....no stuffing. Being the wonderful and thoughtful guy that I am, I volunteered to go to the store an get the stuffing. Mylissa, said thanks and tossed my the Jeep keys....and out the door I went. Nearing the jeep, I pressed the button on the key change to deactivate the alarm. Instead, it activated the alarm and lock the doors. Well, being the genius that I am, I just pressed the button again to deactivate the alarm (which would work on 99.9% of cars in the world). To my utter surprise, the jeep engine roared and the vehicle started in reverse. The driveway was occupied by 4 cars and lined with tree's. I tried to open the jeep door to get in and hit the breaks.. but the doors were locked!!! Then without thinking I jumped behind the jeep and tried stopping it like an offensive lineman blocking a nose guard, hoping that it would stall since the jeep was a 5 speed. After being pushed back about 15 feet, I came to my senses and decided to get out of the way of this mechanical beast. But it was too late, I lost my balance and fell down this 6 foot ravine. I landed on my back, and as I looked up, I saw the monster tires of the jeep coming over the edge of the ravines edge. I quickly rolled to my feet and took a step......the jeep pounced on me like a jungle cat on it's prey...and pinned me against a tree. The tree yield to the massive force generated by the jeep and fractured into a 45 degree angle. I am now completely pinned against the tree in an awkward position, best described as a someone standing with bent knees, doing a side bend. I tried to yell for help to get the attention Mylissa and Tracey, but relentless drive of the jeep had compressed most of the air out of my lungs and prevented me to inhale more. My yells for help were just a mere whisper. Pinned there between the jeep and the tree, knocking on deaths doorstop....my life did not flash before my eye's...instead I was thinking how embarrassing this is going to be if everybody came home to see me breathless between the jeep and tree. I thought about how they would have to tie me to the roof rack, like a hunter who has bagged a trophy deer, to get me home. Then I heard a scream...Tracey came out to throw out the trash and witness the sight of the jeep's vengeance upon me. Tracey and Mylissa came running out to try and help me. I tried to get them the keys so they can get in the jeep to stop the engine...but I had dropped the keys somewhere in the snow. Then, the way a tornado can cause complete destruction one moment and then be gone and calm the next, the jeep engine stalled. Without the constant pressure of the jeep, I was able to wiggle out from between the jeep and the tree and catch my breath. After a moment, I regained my breath and started to search for the keys. My thoughts have instantly switched from my own safety and injuries, to....Oh my God!!! I totaled my Cousins jeep!!!!!!!!! We found the keys, I got in the jeep, put it in 4X4, and tried to drive the jeep out of the ravine. After a couple of failed efforts, I realized it was not going to happen. I called a towing company to pull the jeep out. I was walking to the access road to meet the tow truck and as I did, the cars of my housemates started coming down the road. I flagged them down, told them what happened, and asked for Jacy (but luckily he was still on the slopes). I met the Tow truck operator on access road and lead him to the scene of the crime. During the drive he mentioned he been towing cars up there for 50 years and there is nothing he hasn't seen before. I told him what happened and as we got to the Jeep, he looked at me and said "Your right, this is a first". Everyone was back at the house and watching the tow operator do his job, everybody but Jacy that is. The Jeep is now in the Driveway with minimal damage on the exterior of the passenger side (minimal that is, for what happened). Finally, Jacy comes walking back to the house and he is pissed off. Remember, he pissed off already and he doesn't even know about "the incident" yet. He was mad because everyone left him at the mountain and he had to walk about 3-4 miles back to the house in the freezing cold, carrying his snow board. Well, We let him calm down for awhile and I broke the news to him. We gave him the information in small doses, playing down the event that had occurred. For the rest of the week, he kept learning new details about the incident. I suffered only bruised ribs (I guess it helped to weigh as much as the jeep did at 290lbs), but skiing and dancing at the Wobbly barn were out...that is until I drank enough that I felt no pain:) I just need to say that my cousin Jacy handled the situation really well and was extremely cool for what had taken place. Well, this is a true story and believe it or not...I really didn't exaggerate at all.


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