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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "Pete's Salt and Pepper Dance"

    Today, I am going to tell the tale of "The Salt and Pepper Dance..." To keep this anonymous for those of us who were not there, i will name our subject Pete. My friend Pete had just returned from boot camp and had not made any friends here yet. I decided to introduce him to a couple of my close friends from stratford. Pete has always been the unpredictable sort of character, this story will prove it. Now were at my cousins house hanging out at a sort of family picnic with my friends all around. Everyone is hanging around when suddenly Pete asks if he could entertain us with a joke. Innocently we all agree that a joke would be a great idea. So Pete asks the question "Do you want to see 'The Salt and Pepper dance?'". We reply "Sure". So Pete places a dinner plate in the center of the coffee table, which is in the middle of all of us. He then continues to pour water into the plate until it was just below the brim. Then he shakes some salt into the water on the plate and says "Are you ready to see the Salt and Pepper Dance?", "Of course?" is our reply. Pete then puts salt into the water, and then some pepper into the water accompanying the salt and then says "If you all look closely, you will soon see The Salt and Pepper dance". Waiting..waiting...waiting...Then Boom, as we all have our faces looking closely at the plate, Pete slams his palm into the middle of the water on the plate sending water, salt and pepper all over us! We all scutter away crazily, flailing our arms and making weird faces, thus Doing The Salt and Pepper dance.". He sure got a good laugh out of us.


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