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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "TripDick Rules and suggestions for earning TripDick Points"

    Official Rules/Suggestions for being a TripDick
Still Working on the OFFICIAL TripDick RULES
E-Mail me with any ideas .

Here at TripDick.com we like to make it easy for you to become the TripDick, therefore we have added some suggestions for you on earning your very own TripDick points.

Some of you out there still may be wondering just what a TripDick is and how you become TripDick. Here you can find out the official Rules and scoring. On to the fun...

Spilling mass amounts of beer is always good for a TripDick point.

Staining rugs is also an excellent(but not endorsed)way to earn plenty of TripDick points, and maybe even a free ride home early.

Breaking Glasses - Automatic TripDick Point(Maybe More)

Breaking anything of value - pretty much goes without saying...Can you say "TripDick"(Unless of course there happens to be someone more capable of TripDickage)

Try putting someone's hand in warm water while they are sleeping, while it may not be the best thing for the victim to wake up to... it is definitely worth the measly 2 points and plenty of laughter(Any amateur footage of incident will negate points.)

Backing Jeeps into the woods without a driver - again... can you say "TripDick"(Footage not neccesary on this one thanx)

In the case that the previous act occurs, trying to stop the vehicle with your body is not a good idea, and also worth a TripDick Point.

In the extreme case that it happens again, points will be awarded for each hour that goes by and the owner of the Jeep(License Plate Number 666-MJJ) does not know about it, or is otherwise told how it happened.(Especially if Tow Trucks are needed.)

Points definitely awarded if vacationers feel that in order to find time to cover up before mentioned situation, they should let Victim WALK HOME FROM KILLINGTON!!!!(OH Yeah BIG TripDick point for that one)

While Skiing/Snowboarding should skier/snowboarder become unconsious, standing and ridiculing injured skier/snowboarder will amount to undecided TripDick points.("Orgasming?Ring a bell anyone?"Ski Patrol?)

If Skiing and you decide to go home, PLEASE do not take the SHOES of the person you WERE skiing with HOME to Connecticut. This will result in 5 TripDick Points(maybe more if I didn't have anyone to bring them back to Vermont, you know who you are and you got lucky)This also results in ten cold little piggy's.

Running through the house to check out all rooms, One of these rooms being occupied by another VT(potential TripDick) Adventurer dropping what is known as a "Deuce"


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