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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "TripDick Rules for Dieting..Not Doctor Recommended"

    The Rules for Dieting...

There are different types of diets and different things may work for different people. but for today, we will focus on only a few of them. First off we will start with some basic rules for dieting.

Scenerio One You have just finished your lunch when you notice a tray of ziti up for the taking... As you go to grab just a small dish, someone notices and states "You cant eat that, your on a diet", simply respond and make the person aware that you have already eaten your diet foods and are now ok to eat a little something extra.

Scenerio Two You are stuck in work at during a snow storm and won't be able to leave for lunch to get something healthy, and you forgot to bring your lunch. These things will happen and luckily there are answers for those of us in a pinch. In these extreme cases you simply eat whatever you can get your hands on but do so as quickly as possible. In doing so, your body will not possibly be able to count the calories as quickly and you will have saved yourself some unnecessary calories.

Scenerio Three Drinking, There are only two ways to do it. One, drink light beer and be a pussy, or be a real man and stick to it straight up. In the latter though, You MUST drink until unconciousness, When you wake up your body will not remember how many calories to count, and once again you are home free.


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