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Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.-unknown- 
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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "Sponsor a Pumpkin"

    This time of year we would like to see everyone come together and give a pumpkin a chance... As you as well know, Not all pumpkins are given all of the great opportunities in life to grow and prosper. Not every pumpkin comes from a great pumpkin patch. There ARE pumpkins out there that need your help, pumpkins just longing for a fresh load of manure. HERE at www.TripDick.com, WE CARE! Just look at this young pumpkin, He only wants to be like his father(below). If you act now we'll even throw in a little child.
For just .99 Cents a day you can feed this young pumpkin and get him the nutrition he needs to grow up strong like his father.


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