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TripDick, A Short Story presents
     "A Tripdick Saga... Jacys Encounter"

    My Recollection of that terrifying day... It too was a snowy early morning when I awoke to the sounds of birds singing and the sun shining brightly in through the crack in the blinds. I looked out the window to see the snow coming down softly in big puffy white flakes, I think to myself, it doesn't get much better than this..."Im in Killington Vermont with about 20 of my best friends including my girlfriend Mylissa, No Hangover from the however many ??? Beers I had the previous night. I have to say, I was feeling mighty chipper, and eagerly awaiting a great day snowboarding, then come home, have dinner and then another night of partying VT Style. I remember thinking that nothing could go wrong, and not having a care in the world. The Nightmare began... We leave for the mountain and a group of about 15 of us were about to get snowboarding/skiing while the Fearless Jim Z had graciously volunteered to stay and watch the lodge bar and also to make sure that the beer was ok for us to drink when we were back from doing our thing on the mountain. Mylissa and Tracey were going to split off to take snowboarding lessons so I being the nice guy I am said "Ok, we will meet you at the lodge at 2:00, should anything happen or you need to go, I will leave my keys to the Jeep here.", Mylissa responds, "No, I will never take your Jeep, I can't even drive it ok yet." Mylissa was having difficulty overcoming her fear of driving the monster Jeep since it didn't have power steering and it was a standard, and to be honest with ya, as Jim Z soon found out, it is quite the Beast to be Messed with." Soo I left it at that and we parted ways, Mylissa and Tracey to take lessons and the rest to raise hell on the mountain... 2:00 PM. Fade in I it comes time to meet Mylissa and I am a little early, waiting, waiting for what feels like days, I realize that the lessons must have run long and I didn't want to keep the rest of the crew waiting. I suggested that they run along and that I would meet them back at the house... I finally see that I am not finding Mylissa and Tracey and I say ok well while im waiting I might as well go to the Jeep and change into my shoes as these snowboard boots are killing me after being in them all day... I walk up what seemed like K2 to the parking lot and cannot see the Jeep, this always happens, the walk down seems shorter than the walk back and your car always seems farther than you parked it. But too my surprise, It seemed My Jeep actually was farther than I had parked it this time. A little it farther I keep telling myself but to no avail the Jeep just wasn't there. All my darkest fears had just come to reality. I didn't have any money for Beer. It turns out my wallet was in the Jeep along with the number of the house. ...Crack....step step step, WHAT was that , I quickly turn around, my guard is up, Nothing but darkness, I realize that I am stranded alone in the parking lot, not one to save me, no number for the house and no money for a taxi. Nothing but my wet-ass heavy boots, clunky snowboard and the rest of my equipment that I had with me to carry home. I decided to start walking fearing that I may lose the strength to continue on... 7 miles later through four feet of snow (the snow parts not bullshit either) I finally reach the exit driveway of Mt Killington to the Rd. I was a very steep grade downhill to get to the Main Road and now I starting to wonder if ill survive...Low on food, low on strength, and still without beer. Another 4 miles down the road, all along getting splashed by cars and people ridiculing me I feared for my life, i wondered if it was all going to end, here on killington access rd. MY Fate. I started thinking where are those fuckers? Doesn't anyone realize im not there? am I really a no-one? Does nobody Love me? Are they drinking my goddamn beer!!!? Thinking this is a bit peculiar, I managed what little life was left in me and continued on down this treacherous path. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I am that little red engine..." These are the words that kept me alive..., beaten, fallen, hungry, my self esteem stripped from my very soul, I think this is it I see Lights then BOOM, I moved like a Sumo Wrestler to the dinner table down falling into an abyss...I could barely see the road from where I was now standing, my body twisted and in pain I see that I have fallen off that road to the edge of the woods where it was scary... I tried yelling for help but no one could here my screams because they too like my friends we driving by leaving me on the side of the road stranded like an infant just after birth, wondering if I would make it in this world... I mustered up the courage to go on.." I think I can, I think I can" the words getting louder, louder finally BOOMING, I crawled out of that hole like an addict looking for that next hit... wondering if it would ever come...barely making it to the road... Back on the road now...For what seems like forever, Screech, I turn and see like a savior, a little old lady in a grey pontiac 2000. She rolled down the windows and asked if she could give me a ride to the bottom of the access road. I ponder for a moments time thinking maybe she's some sex-crazed old lady looking to take advantage of a young buck like me at my time of need, but I said what the hell, either way im in danger. I slide into the car sitting in terror, wondering if the psycho stalker old lady was going to harm me in any way, slash me at a moments time, but nothing, nothing at all, She drove me to the end of the road as she said and that was that...That old lady still has a place in my heart. I was forced to continue on knowing that out there somewhere was someone who cared, someone who wouldn't leave me to walk home from killington, KILLington... I am exhausted now, finally I reach the edge of the long driveway and I see lights, It's Jeremy, I think how nice, only 36 hours later and now someone is coming to pick me up in case I didn't die out there. They gave me a ride the rest of the 3 feet I had to walk home and all I could think about was eating and beer after a long days snowboarding and 2 days walking from it, nearly didn't make it...The words were back now..."I knew I could, I knew I could". It's later now and I am alive and happy to be home...Then ..."uh Jacy...I have something to tell you...?", I say "what's that Jim?", he responds, "uhh we had a little accident...I hit your car alarm and the Jeep started, He said that He jumped behind it to save a family of chipmunks from getting run over, but he said that It only went about a foot and a half and stalled but it managed to scrape a little tree leaf and left this gash in the side of the window frame about 2 feet long and nearly scraped off the side mirror", I go and see the damage and think "Damn that must've been one HELL of a Tree Leaf... It's not soo bad though. I was a little irked at first, but Shit happens.. What can you do, Ill get it fixed in no time...no big deal. The damage to the Jeep WAS minimal but the story of how it happened...the REAL story anyways definitely was NOT! It turns out that the Jeep had gone full speed in reverse that someone had left the Jeep in, and hurdled over many many boulders and fell treacherous depths into a black hole to where it could not be found, except that it had squished Jim Z and they heard his cries as Tracey was taking out the trash... It seemed to need an army of tow trucks to pull my baby from the hole, my poor baby, must have been scared out of its headlights! Luckily my red monster Jeep had conquered the boulder as large as a house and pulled out of the hole with the assistance of the fleet of tow trucks and was pretty much unscathed... or at least it appeared that way. It turns out I needed to re-bend the lower brush guard under the Jeep as it was brushing up against the transmission and I also found that I needed to bend the windshield frame back into place after a rainy day that my balls got wet on via the windshield leaking... All in all I had a good time and can laugh about it now...


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