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"Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant?? I'm halfway through > my fish burger and I realize, Oh my God.... > I could be eating a slow learn-Lynda Montgomery- 
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TripDick, The Book presents
     "Women are Psycho vs Men are Retarded"

    Topic in debate today is why Women get so upset being called Psycho (In general) and why Men are not upset being called retarded. Yeah this is a tough debate for me to start this column with, but a good one nonetheless. I don't think that women are all psycho, I think that some women possess certain psychotic energies that upon release can be very dangerous (Especially for Men). It is when these energies are released that in usually bad timing cause many other witnesses to think that the subject at hand is indeed psycho, while all that she wanted to do is really cause mass embarrassment to the man who she is with (Little backfire). I think that it is also very bad of the said man to then call said woman psychotic, thus fueling the fire even more. As for the Men, it's not that we don't get upset being called retarded, we just don't put up a fight because we already know that we are indeed retarded at least a little on some scale. So being retarded really is not so bad. We just realize that contesting this accusation will lead to further argument, when we really just want to get back to watching the game, and are usually sure that we are probably at fault for whatever the initial blame was for...



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