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I have taken the liberty of getting the links to Yahoo maps for our destinations...however if you get lost, don't blame me. Just remember "If you pizza when your supposed to french fry, your gonna have a bad time..." Just like driving, if you turn left when you should have gone right, not gonna be fun...

Killington VT - Via Yahoo.com

Rail Fence Inn (This Years House 2002-2003)
Killington is located in central Vermont at the junction of U.S.4 and VT 100 North in Killington, 11 miles east of Rutland. From the Killington sign on Route 4 (across from Bill's Country Store) drive 3.6 miles up the Killington Road to Snowshed Base Area on left. Most of the group ticket sales outlets and related services are located in the Snowshed area.

2 3/4 hrs. from BOSTON AREA:
Take Interstate 93 to just south of Concord, NH. Exit onto Interstate 89 north and follow to U.S. 4 Rutland, Exit 1 in Vermont. Follow U.S. 4 west to Killington.

3 hrs. from HARTFORD AREA:
Follow Interstate 91 to north of Bellows Falls, VT. Take Exit 6 (Rutland) onto VT 103 and follow to VT 100. Take VT 100 north to U.S. 4 and follow U.S. 4 west to Killington.

4 3/4 hrs. from N.Y. CITY (via Conn. Turnpike):
Conn.. Turnpike (Int. 95) to Int. 91 and then follow directions given under "Hartford."

4 3/4 hrs. from N.Y. CITY AND N.J. AREAS (via N.Y. Thruway):
N.Y. Thruway to Exit 24 Albany. Take Northway (Int. 87) north to Fort Ann/Rutland Exit 20. Pick up N.Y. 149 and follow east to U.S. 4. Turn left on U.S. 4 and follow east to Killington.

From Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., points south:
Take feeder highways to N.J. Turnpike. Exit onto Garden State Parkway and follow to N.Y. Thruway. Then follow directions under "From N.Y. city and N.J. Areas." Rail Fence Inn is three miles up Killington Road to Alpine Trails Lodge sign. Right onto West Park Road. First building on the left…

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